Photo from our most recent walking tour
celebrating 100 years of the library

About Leeds Trails and Tours

Leeds Trails and Tours is a collaboration between Leeds Historical Commission, Leeds Historical Society, Leeds Area Chamber of Commerce and Leeds Redevelopment Authority along with a host of community enthusiasts.

This website is sponsored by Leeds Historical Commission and is a work in progress as we continue to add information about people, places, businesses and organizations that make up our rich heritage. We want you to know why everyone loves Leeds, Alabama and choses Leeds as a wonderful place to raise a family or own a local business.

Our Planning Committee is growing in numbers as community leaders join efforts for the April 13, 2024 historic walking tour depicting Leeds, Alabama in 1940.

Committee Officers

Chair - Randy Ray, Leeds Historical Society (t: 205.515.1596)

Vice-Chair: Ken Nelms, Leeds Outreach (t: 205.310.1622)

Secretary: Jacob Meyer, owner of Hommati 216 (t:205:340.8977)

Treasurer: Linda Miller, Leeds Jane Culbreth Library Board Chairperson and owner of Guardian Systems, Inc., LA Salon & Boutique and The Livery Event Center. (t:205.222.2111)

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