Photo from our most recent walking tour
celebrating 100 years of the library


Leeds Trails and Tours would like to thank our sponsors and hosts.  Thank you to Leeds Historical Commission, Leeds Historical Society, Leeds Area Chamber of Commerce and Leeds Redevelopment Authority for making this project possible.

Also, we would like to thank our 2024 Planning Committee, Event Participants and Sponsors as we plan the upcoming April 2024 Downtown Walking Tour Celebrating the City of Leeds in the year 1940.

2024 Event Sponsors & Participants

2024 Tour guides, supporting participants, sponsors, supporters and contributors include:


  • Leeds Historical Commission
  • Leeds Redevelopment Authority
  • Leeds Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Leeds Water Works Board


  • Leeds Historical Society
  • Leeds Jane Culbreth Library
  • Leeds Main Street
  • Mid-South Chapter of the Railway & Locomotive Historical Society


  • Guardian Systems, Inc.
  • Show Ur Tees
  • adr Business & Marketing Strategies
  • Hommati 216