Step Back in Time with Our Green Wave Jazz Fest at 2:30p!

?✨ Step Back in Time with the Green Wave Jazz! ✨?

Get ready to swing into history with the electrifying Green Wave Jazz ensemble! Join us for a spectacular afternoon of music and memories with our "Leeds-Swinging into History" concert, a 45-minute journey through the swing and popular tunes of the early 1940s.

? Date & Time: The musical time machine kicks off at 2:30 PM sharp! ? Location: Immerse yourself in the rhythm at the Leeds Green Space, nestled on 1st Ave South between 7th and 8th Streets on Saturday, April 13, 2024 right after the Leeds Downtown Walking Tour that will be held from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm.

This melodious event takes the stage just as the Leeds Historic Walking Tour concludes, offering a perfect segue from exploring the City of Leeds in 1940 to basking in the soundscapes of the same era.

? Bring your lawn chairs for a comfortable experience under the open sky and don't forget your dancing shoes – because once the Green Wave Jazz starts playing, you won't be able to stay seated!

Let's celebrate our city's rich history with the tunes that defined a generation. See you there, where the past meets the present in a joyful celebration of music and community spirit!